Could an Asymmetrical Cast Lead to an Assymetrical Tip?

Hi I had an open rhinoplasty almost a week ago and have noticed that my cast/splint is an asymmetrical shape and seems to be making my nostrils/tip an asymmetrical shape also. Will this mean that when the cast comes off the wonkiness is permanent, or is it just that the cast is forcing my tip and nostrils to contort and when removed it will simply revert to the desired shape? If it is wonky when it comes off, could something be done at my 1 week post-op appointment to fix it or is that it now?

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Could an Asymmetrical Cast Lead to an Assymetrical Tip?

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Absolutely not.  The cast is made pliable by placing it in hot water.  Once placed, on the nose, ice water soaked gauge is applied over the cast to make it harden.  Irregularities during this occur 100%, of the time IMHO and will have no effect on the nasal tip or tissues.  The amount of cartilage, shape and strength are the only factors that dictate nasal support and shape....not temporarily placing a cast over the tissues.

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Asymmetric cast

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In general the cast does not determine the final shape of the nose.  It is good to have it properly conform to the desired anatomy though.  Donald R. Nunn  MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Concerned about asymmetrical splint on nose affecting the results of a rhinoplasty

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In the scheme of things, your cast is not really determining the permanent shape of your nose - it is the underlying structures and the work performed on them that will determine the final outcome. At one week, you are far too early yet to know what the long term shape will be. This can take around a year.

Be patient!

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