I am a 25 years old at 5'10.5" and 190 lbs. Asymmetrical Breasts - Different Shaped Implants for Each Side? (photo)

I am a 25 years old at 5'10.5" and 190 lbs; I have asymmetrical breasts. My surgeon suggested doing a tear shaped silicone expandable implant on my right side in order to evenly stretch my skin / nipple and to do a round silicone implant on my left. I am concerned about having matching shape and feel between the two and am interested in another's view as to if this will even me out in the best way. Also, for the most natural feel I have read that under the muscle is the most beneficial?

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Options to correct asymmetrical breasts

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It is important to recognize that asymmetry involves more than just size, for example I note in the pictures that the position and diameter of the areolas is also different. The skin envelope appears tight, so the idea of an expander implant is not a bad one but I would prefer round (Mentor Spectrum) rather than shaped for those. By using an expander implant on each side, the size differences can be fine-tuned. The way it works is that the implants are saline, with a "fill port" connected to a tube into the implant. The fill port is under the skin, and saline injected into every couple of weeks. Once the final sizes are achieved, the ports are removed under local anesthesia. Under muscle usually best.

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Breast Asymmetry

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Breast asymmetry involves not only size but also shape of the breasts, position and size of the nipple areola complexes, and position of inframammary folds.  Not having examined and seen your breasts from various angles, I can't describe exactly what you'll need.  However, in general, reconstruction for breast asymmetry is best done in staged fashion.  In our practice, we prefer addressing the size first; and in cases similar to yours, round expanders on both sides would be the starting point.

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Asymmetrical breasts

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I always think it is best to try to use similar implants if possible since different shaped implants will act differently especially a shaped versus a round. Two alternative options are to try to reduce the left side to better match the right before using similar implants or to accept the asymmetries that might or might not be minimized by the implants "over-riding" the asymmetries.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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Breast implants can improve breast asymmetry

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Although I would need to examine you I would conside saline breast implant placed behind the muscle.  It is reasonable to use different sized implants.  With saline implants there is flexibility to add volume in the operating room until the surgeon feels that he has matched you evenly. 

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