Still Asymmetric After Lift Revision. What Should I Do?

Had breast lift revision in one breast 6 months ago because 1st lift done in 2009 left me 2 cmm uneven. I look even more asymmetric now. Revision PS says to wait 6 more months because breast will continue to even out more, which we all seriously doubt. Why didn't he just suggest to get both revised back in Jan.? It would have been cheaper. Now it will cost $7K just to get the other revised! Please help! Anyone in NYC you would recommend?

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Breast Augmentation/ Mastopexy Revision Timing?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

I would agree with your plastic surgeon in that it is best to wait 6 months prior to evaluating the end results of surgery and the potential need for further revisionary surgery. Keep in mind, that the breast may never be “identical”;  however, based on the pictures I think there will will probably be room for improvement.

Best wishes.

Breast lift revision surgery

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I tell my patients that 'breasts are like sisters, and not like twins' - the point is that all breasts are different, and nobody has completely symmetric breasts. You appear to have developed recurrent sagging of your left breast after the first breast lift. This may be related to the technique used to lift the breast. Often, its necessary to actually remove the sagging breast tissue rather than reposition it and expect it to remain 'lifted'. Wait several months before deciding on a second revision surgery.

Asymmetry after a breast lift

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Although plastic surgeons go to great lengths to make both breasts identical during a breast lift, it is almost never possible to do so.  I tell all of my patients that there will be some asymmetry after any breast surgery especially after a breast lift.  When significant asymmetry occurs, revisions are performed usually 6-9 months after the initial procedure.  Most respectable plastic surgeons do not charge additional surgeon's fee for minor revisions like these.  Some minor revisions can be performed in the office with local anesthesia only.  This is usually the least expensive way to get this issue resolved. 

Kelly Gallego, MD, FACS
Yuba City Plastic Surgeon

7K for a revision?

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that seems high to me and I'm sure it is only the anesthesia and OR fee. naturally in other states, like FLA we have our own OR's and this minor revision could be done with much less expenditure. even so, I think you might do well to leave well enough alone. the asymmetry is not that notceable at all.

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetry following lift in one breast

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Assuming the chronologic order follows from left to right on the photos, it appears that breast relaxation has occurred with recurrent ptosis deformity.  The primary problem is with the suspensory soft tissues of the breasts.  If both breasts were treated simultaneously the apparent disparity would likely be less as healing and descent of tissue would have followed the same timeline.  I would hold off on another revision until breasts are soft and scars are mature.  Would then proceed with correction of residual asymmetry by performing lifts in both breasts.

Still asymmetric after breast lift revision

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I am a little confused as to the order of the photos. Photo 1: Left nipple lower (? preop 6 months ago?). Photo 2: Left nipple higher  (? post op, 6 months ago?). Photo 3: Left nipple lower again. In any event, doing a one-sided liift (primary or revision) is always difficult trying to match an opposite must try to account for the unpredictable amount of skin relaxation and stretching that may occur.  In any event, revision of one or both breasts in trying to even out the nipple position is not that complicated a procedure, though a small amount of acceptable very mild asymmetry may always be present, as it is in the normal population of women we see.

Breast lift revision should work.

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I don't think the asymmetry will get better on its own.  If this really bothers you, it should not be hard to get you more symmetrical.  It is often better to do both breasts.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Asymmetric after revision breast lift

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For better or worse at this point it is best that you wait a full six months as it is common for the skin envelope to relax and change after a breast lift. It could even out though I too have doubt. Still, waiting is very important as to best judge the result and avoid further chance of mishap.

Best of luck,


Revision of breast lift takes time

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Inherently in breast lifting, the patient has poorer elasticity than ideal hence the need for lifting in the first place.  You are both right here.  If both had been done they would be following along the same course but it is always possible to have complications so in their best judgement your surgeon decided only to expose one side to healing and risk.  But this now requires patience on your part to let 6 months pass for complete healing.

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