Asymmetric Nose After Augmentation Rhinoplasty 18 Days Post Op? (photo)

Today is my 18 days post op. I had an augmentation rhinoplasty to raise my nose bridge using diced ear cartilage from my right ear wrapped in fascia, and I also had some tip work using ear cartilage. My question is I noticed asymmetric nose on the day when my nasal bandage is taken off, until today it is still asymmetric. My nose is symmetric before the surgery. Should I wait awhile to judge my result? Or will it stay that way? Thanks.

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Asymmetric nose

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Since you are early post-op there is probably a lot of swelling. With diced cartilage molding may still be possible. Best to ask your surgeon.

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Be Patient with Rhinoplasty Healing

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Results from rhinoplasty should not be assessed this early. The nose takes at least 12 months to see a semblance of the result. However, the nose continues to heal even more after this first year. There may be asymmetries early on that correct themselves. 

Dr. Richard Zoumalan. Beverly Hills, CA

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Asymmetric Nose After Augmentation Rhinoplasty 18 Days Post Op?

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                This early after rhinoplasty, it is premature to be concerned about the final result.   The swelling is going to be very prominent at this early stage.  I would follow with your surgeon.               



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Asymmetry following rhinoplasty

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18 days is still soon after surgery, and you will still have swelling, which can give the appearance of asymmetry and irregularities. The nose continues to change as you heal. In general, the final result of rhinoplasty may not be evident for 18-24 months after surgery. 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months and the remainder goes down over time. I would recommend giving it a bit more time and see how you continue to heal. Your surgeon should be able to answer any questions you have in the meantime. I hope this helps, and best of luck.

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Asymmetry after rhinoplasty usually corrects with time.

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Because of the biased lighting the asymmetry may be more apparent than real. Nevertheless, no Jesuit should be made until the swelling has resolved.

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