The left and right sides look different, as you can see from cheekbones. Asymmetric face normal? (Photo)

Is my appearance normal? The left and right sides look different, as you can see from cheekbones etc (one side is f. ex more elevated, ears and eyes different sizes). The past months I've got aware of my asymmetries. But I guess we all have them. I just think too much about about it. I'm trying to stop, but I need a confirmation that I'm alright. Dear doctors, thanks for caring!

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Asymmetric face normal? (Photo)

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Yes, it is perfectly normal to have asymmetries.  Everyone is asymmetrical from side to side, and the face is no exception.  People will perceive your face as a whole, and tend to not register the minor asymmetries from left to right.  You have facial features that overall give you a handsome face.  In general, most plastic surgeons would not advise trying to correct minor asymmetries unless they are grossly apparent or overly troubling to the patient.

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