Asymmetric Eyes and Tear Trough with Dark Circles Under Eyelid? (photo)

Hi, As you can see my photo, my black circle eye are not balance. I thought my left side is straight and put on right center, but my right side is incline causing from lowering of slanted eye. That's why it is showing the result of asymmetric eyes and the black circle eyes between both sides are not balance. Which the best method of surgery to be proper to my eyelid case? What is surgery can be eliminate my tear trough with dark circles under eyelid (except fat graft and filler or restylane injection)?

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Unhappy with eyes

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Thank you for asking about your eyes. The differences that I see in the photograph are within the range of normal. There is slight excess fat under both eyes. This can be corrected with a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. Best wishes.

Eye Asymmetries and Dark Circles

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The truth is that facial asymmetries are the norm and are unnoticed by the average observer. Only mannequins have perfect facial symmetry -- and that's one reason that they don't look natural. Human faces have numerous asymmetries, if you bother to look for them.  People can focus on and therefore get too caught up in relatively minor facial asymmetries. Yours are minor. For instance, differences in the level of the boney eye socket (and therefore the level of the eye and surrounding structures) are common. Also, the tilt of your head when the photograph is taken can create a slant.  Without a photograph of your entire face, we really can't tell if this is the case or not.

The tired look created by the "dark circles" under your eyes can be addressed in three general ways: 1) With a filler injections, 2) with surgical fat reposition or, 3) by surgically removing the fat above the relative depression (the lower eyelid "circle").

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