Asymmetric Breasts: One Implant or Two?

My right breast is one cup size smaller than my left. I love the size of my left breast. I have thick skin and they are both perky/no sagging. I have had breast implant consultations and I have the option of placing an implant only in the smaller breast or I could place a very small implant in the left and bring the right up to the size of the bigger one. I plan to have children in the future. For the best cosmetic result after surgery is it better to have one breast implant or do both?

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Asymmetric Breasts

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With asymmetric breasts it is best to put different size implants in an attempt to achieve more symmetry.  By putting an implant in just one side, you may be unhappy since the implant will change the shape of the breast in addition to adding more volume.  In most cases, it is best to put a small implant in the larger breast to try and have a symmetric shape as well as volume or size.  Good luck.

Breast Asymmetry

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If you prefer the size of the larger breast, then I would not recommend augmenting the cup difference equates to approximately 200ccs (give or take according to your body dimensions). Without sagging and no history of a congenital breast disorder (tubular breast, constricted breast, etc.) I would favor a subpectoral biplanar implant to afford symmetry. A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will be able to make appropriate size, shape and profie recommendations to you, seek one out n your area!

Hope this helps!

Dr. C

John Philip Connors III, MD, FACS
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

One implant is OK for breast asymmetry

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Hi Amazon Woman,

I think you answered your own question.  You love the size of your left breast, so why put in an implant? There is no reason.  Put a small implant in the right breast and you should be very happy.  I  have lots of patients with one breast implant for asymmetry and they are happy with the result.  Hope this helps.

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS

Individualize approach to asymmetric breasts

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No two cases are exactly the same, and there are some circumstances where an implant on only one side makes sense. This is not typical however, especially when a lift is required since the lift does not maintain upper fullness over the long term without an implant. Even without needing a lift, implants can change the shape of the breasts so most often it is best to do both sides.

Asymmetric Breasts Need Asymmetric Implants?

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Once a breast implant is placed, the resulting shape of the breast is different from a natural breast.  This is related to the obvious placement of the implant and the distribution of volume - now you have more fullness in the upper aspect of the breast. This is not routinely seen in natural breasts related to gravity and the natural distribution of volume.  If you were looking to merely equal out the "volume" of the breast - so they fit evenly in a bra - then I'd consider one implant.  However, to achieve a symmetric, attractive look, you would need to do implants on both sides.  Even then, you will have some asymmetry as the smaller implant will be covered with more breast tissue and the smaller breast will have a larger implant - looking more like an "implanted breast."  Thus, you need to weigh your options relating to implants (they are not your only option) and decide.  Fat grafting from your body to a slightly smaller breast is an option as well. 

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD, FACS

La Jolla Plastic Surgeon

Your choice

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It's really up to you. I've done both ways and either can achieve great results. Talk to an experienced board certified plastic surgeon for more advice.

Breast implant in one breast

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It is certainly possible to get one breast implant to even out the size asymmetry. You can also get a breast reduction to make the larger breast smaller, although you probably don't want to do that from the information you provided in your question.

If size is the only consideration, then an implant in the smaller breast will address your concern.

Asymmetrical breasts can be evened out.

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It depends on the way you may feel about having only one implant.  You can also have a breast reduction on the larger breast and have similar implants placed, depending on your anatomy.


Why mess with something you love?

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Dear Amazon Woman,

Why put an implant in a breast that you like the size of already?  Augment your smaller breast to match the bigger one that you like.  All implants have risks, so placing only one implant cuts your risk almost in half, as well.  Good luck!

Breast aurgmentation for asymmety, implant on both sides best

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Breast asymmetry is not uncommon, and though there may be a temptation to augment one side, we feel it is best to us an implant on both sides to ensure and even texture, shape and feel. An implant on one side can accentuate dissimilarity despite an equal volume in a bra.

Best of luck,


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