Can Implants Alone Help Asymmetric Breasts?

I have asymmetric breasts and have done since they developed. One is C/D cup, the other DD+ cup and less full than the other. I'm desperate to make them more symmetrical but don't want scars down front of my breasts from uplift, which 1 surgeon suggested. I don't feel my breasts are saggy-just natural. Could my breasts be rectified with implants alone? I'm 27 with no children- I havn't plans for kids in the near future.

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Asymmetric breasts and implants only

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Without an exam or seeing photos, I have no clue as to what you might need.  Often with big asymmetries, some sort of skin excision or areola reduction is needed..

Correcting uneven or asymmetric breasts with implants only

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This truly depends on the position of the nipples and whether this bothers you. You may be able to achieve similar volumes with the use of different sized implants. However, it is likely that the larger implant in the smaller breast will "ride" higher when compared the the natural larger breast. The larger breast could be made slightly smaller with liposuction but this would not correct the uneven height of the nipples. Other options exist for minimal scar lifts bu this depends on the degree of sagging of the larger breast.

Correction of Asymmetrical Breasts

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Although most women with a DD larger breast would opt for a reduction on that side, it is possible to correct your deformity with an augmentation of your smaller breast.  I would suggest that you give careful consideration to this before proceeding, however.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

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