I Have an Asymmetical Smile, What Are my Options? (photo)

I had gotten 8 veneers and having the work redone, due to issues, however, I have been to many dentists searching for the right one. I have an asymmetic smile and one side shows more gum. I want my smile to appear more symmetical and proportional. I would like them to be a little bigger as well. What can I do?

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Asymmetrical Smile

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Many options are available for you, we always recommend our patient to have a cosmetic consultation before they move forward with any treatment, just to make sure we cover every esthetic concerns. Whe you get cosmetic work such as veneers, try to do 4 or more but never 6 veneers only. It does make a difference in the smile. Also consider braces to help with the aligment. Your smile is, without question, one of your most important attributes. A winning, bright, white, straight smile can provide you with endless amounts of confidence. Studies have shown that people with pleasant smiles are more likely to get ahead in the business world, and feeling confident is always a plus when it comes to your personal life.You deserve to feel comfortable with your smile. You deserve a smile that is strong and attractive.

Fairfax Dentist

Options for an Asymmetrical Smile

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While orthodontics is a definite option, you might also consider a "gum-lift" utilizing a laser to remove some gum tissue from your upper right side, to make the gumline symmetrical with your upper left side. Then, when the veneers are redone, make sure that the cant (tilt) of the teeth is proper. Any well-trained and experienced cosmetic dentist can do the above much more quickly than orthodontics.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Asymmetrical Smile Treatment options

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The cant and the asymmetrical smile could be addressed with orthodontics and the use of micro-implants or TAD's (Temporary Anchorage Device's).  The right side needs to be intruded to correct the cant and at the same time you could intrude the upper front teeth so that you could lengthen your front teeth if desired after orthodontics  The TAD's are placed after the braces go on and are utilized to move teeth in a specific direction.  I would recommend that you get a consultation with an orthodontist that uses TAD's and see what your options are-- hope that helps!!

Scott Vincent, DMD, MS
Sandy Orthodontist

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