Asymmetry Pre Breast Aug, and PS Said No To Different Size Implants?

Hello- pre op I had 34a with slight Asymetry. I had 270 silicone under the muscle. I asked my PS if the smaller breast should have a slightly larger implant. He measured and said no. I am only 3 weeks post op, and realize things aren't settled but do notice a difference. It's about an inch across smaller than the other breast.(fullest portion) Would you consider this an acceptable difference in size? Or would the next size up have made that breast larger than the other?

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Breast Asymmetry in Women Normal

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It is normal for women to have some degree of breast asymmetry.  Many women do not even recognize that they are until it is brought to their attention during their consultation.  In those cases, the descision has to be made with regards to two different sized implants to help balance the breasts out.  In some cases, this is obvious, whereas in others it is a very slight difference.  As a surgeons, we need to use our experience and judgement to guide us as to the best option.  At times, a larger implant on one side, even if it is only slightly bigger, then makes that side too large compared to the naturally larger breast.  In your case, you are still farily early on in the healing process.  It really does take three months for everything to balance out and settle, so just be patient, follow your surgeon's post-op orders, and allow the changes to occur.  I hope this helps

Pre-existing volume differences before breast implants

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Most women have some degree of pre-existing breast asymmetry. For minor volume asymmetry, I prefer to use the same volume implant on both sides. This is because when implant volume changes, the dimensions change as well. Also, even moderate volume differences are lessened after augmentation with the same volumes. This is based on math. Take this example:

pre-op:  Right breast 200cc, Left breast 225cc (this is a 12% volume difference).

Post op with 300cc implant each: Right breast 500cc, Left breast 525cc (this is a 5% difference in volume)

So you can see that the volume difference has been cut in half, making you more symmetric.

Breast asymmetry

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Asymmetry in the body is normal, and the same is true for breasts.  It is impossible to make the breasts exactly the same.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast asymmetry and augmentation

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Even using these ame size implant, your surgeon could have filled them differentially so you may want to inquire if that was the case. You can swell differently on one side than the other so it is premature to draw any conclusions about the result. Also, asymmetry can be based on chest shape/width rather than actual breast size in many patients.

Breast asymmetry

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  1. It is too early after surgery to be judging your results so closely.  Things will change more as you heal. Sometimes one side will swell more than the other and sometimes swelling resolves faster on one side.  Though you had pre op asymmetry, there are other factors to consider when choosing implant size: volume, dimensions, rib projection, scoliosis, and the fact that all silicone gel filled implants are pre filled to fixed volumes.  Discuss this with your plastic surgeon at your followup visits.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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