Is This Much Asymmetry Normal at This Stage? (photo)

Had really bad asymmetry, opted to have 2 surgeries to fix it. 1st one was just a breast aug to stretch skin, because smaller breast needed stretching 4 a proper lift. 2nd surgery I had a lift and got bigger implants. Its been over 2 weeks and immediately after I got out of the 2nd surgery I still noticed the asymmetry. Will the breasts even out, or will I always have a noticeable difference. I notice the difference when Im wearing clothes. Is it possible 2 get a better result if I have a revision?

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Asymmetry Normal at This Stage?

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First of all, the breasts look pretty even in the 2 week post-op photos. 2 weeks is way to early to evaluate outcomes, The implants are high-riding and should continue to drip over the course of the next 3 months or so.

No one is fully symmetric--not breasts, not eyes, not arms and so forth. If you have to look hard to see the asymmetry, it is acceptable. I have to look hard to see any difference. 

Thanks for the question and for the photos. Best wishes.

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It’s still too early on to see you’re final results, give it a few months before thinking to have another surgery. Women in general will always be asymmetrical and you will never be 100% symmetrical.


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Is This Much Asymmetry Normal at This Stage? (photo)

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In general after reviewing the posted photos the left breast look smaller. To address this either larger implant or try fat grafting to the left. 

Post Operative Breast Asymmetry

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Thank you for the photos, while never as good as an in-person exam, they do help. Your pictures show a good result. No-one is perfectly even. Asymmetries exist in all anatomical regions of the body, some more than others. At this point you are inly 2 weeks into your recovery. The breasts are inflamed and actively scarring. It is not unusual for significant asymmetries to exist during this period. Over the next 3 to 6 months, sometimes longer, the swelling and the scarring process will subside, the soft tissues will relax and accommodate allowing the implants to fall into their desired position. It will be at that point that you will likely see your desired result.

I recommend that you continue to closely follow up with your plastic surgeon. They will monitor your post operative progress and make appropriate recommendations needed to correct any issues which may arise/persist. I hope this helps.

Good luck.

Breast asymmetry

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No two breasts are exactly the same.  So I would wait and see how things heald over the next few months first, before considering additional surgery;

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