Six Months After Septorhinoplasty and Still Have Asymmetrical Nostrils, Could this Still be Swelling at this Point? (photo)

Six months ago my wife had surgery for a deviated septum and rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty was to reduce the length of her nose, reduce nose tip, and to remove a bump. She explained to her doctor concern on the bend her nose takes and the asymmetrical nostrils. He continues to insist that this is something that can still self-correct as swelling reduces, but we are skeptical. I'd appreciate opinions on the underlying problem and what kind of revision will be necessary.

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Crooked Nose

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At this point, this is not attributed to swelling. You will need a revision to re-align the nose and nostrils. However, every nose has mild asymmetry so don't expect perfect symmetry even with a revision.


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No, this is not swelling at this point.

It appears that this is something that will require revision if you desire improvement of the situation.

I don't think that it will improve with time.  I would visit your surgeon and discuss your options.


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