Asymetrical Full Lips. Will Juvederm on One Side of the Mouth Match the Naturally Full Side?

I have very full lips. Because my jaw line is uneven, my top and bottom lip don't line up and my lip line is extremely asymmetrical. I received an injection of juvederm ultra plus on one side of my lower lip. The texture and appearance appears completely different than my natural side, especially when I smile and the natural side stretches out and the augmented side stays a little plump. The procedure was done two days ago. Will the natural side never match any sort of augmentation?

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Asymmetry of the lips

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Asymmetry of the lips is the norm.  Certailny when you treat one side it will be different in texture at least initially from the opposite side. In all likelihood it is swollen.  Give it a few weeks to settle down, and then re-evaluate it.

Juvederm to lips...

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I recommend you give it time.  You still have some swelling on the injected side.  I typically ask patients to give themselves at least 1 to 2 weeks before considering more injections.  You may need to have a little Juvederm injected in the other side as well.  This is not uncommon.

Good luck.  Hope this helps.

 Dr. Grant Stevens        

Uneven lips and juvederm

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Two days is not enough time to judge the results. You might still have a bit of swelling. I have had very nice results with evening out asymmetry. Sometimes it helps to put a little product on the larger side and more product on the other. Of course if lips already large that might not be a good option. Give this a week or two before you judge this

Juvederm and Correction of Natural Lip Assymetry

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Since the procedure was done just 2 days ago. it is a bit too early to tell if the Juvederm will look more natural.  You probably have some swelling from the procedure itself.  Give it at least a week or so to truly evaluate its effectiveness.  If you are not happy, please return to your injector to be evaluated as there may be something he or she can do to help the situation.

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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