I Have Asymetrical Eyes That Seem to Be Orbital Asymetrical As Well What Can Be Done? (photo)

i sent in a previous question but you couldnt tell how bad they really are in the photos i am resending and hoping someone can help me

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Asymmetrical eyelids

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 Almost  everyone and has asymmetrical eyelids  and we perform asymmetrical eyelid surgery frequently in an attempt to make the eyelids look more symmetrical. Blepharoplasty involves surgery on the skin, muscle and fat which can be altered to make the eyelids looked more symmetrical.Please see the  link below for examples of what a blepharoplasty can accomplish

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Orbital asymmetry

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thank you for the question

of course it is always best to have an in person consultation and evaluation.  if indeed you have orbital asymmetry and this is been a lifelong issue then a procedure to augment the floor of your orbit with a synthetic plate or bone graft can be done. I perform this regularly for cosmetic reasons but more often in reconstructive situations. You would need somebody who is very experienced in operating inside the orbit itself. The surgery does come with some risks such as permanent double vision and imperfect result in even, in extremely rare cases, impaired vision or blindness. That being said, you do have surgical options. If this is a new issue for you you need to be evaluated carefully by an ophthalmologist and ensure that you do not have any systemic diseases or even potentially a malignancy. I don't want to alarm you but if this is new you need to have this evaluated.

Hope that was helpful

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