Have full upper plate. 13 bottom teeth crumbled a year ago.

I set up surgery, it is set for this week. Don't want to do it. Can a dentist cut off teeth at gum line, make a mold and a bottom plate? Was going to get 2 implants, but if this can be done it would save $6000.00. Is it possible, a good or bad risk?

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Lower denture question

I think you are asking whether you can use a few of your teeth to use as anchors for your lower denture instead of implants. Truly if your lower teeth have crumbled then your rate of decay is high. That means that your teeth will decay even to the roots. Thus it will fail and your money will have been spent for nothing. My suggestion would be to remove the lower teeth, make your denture and then have your dentist place the implants when your are ready. Your denture can be retrofitted to the implants without remaking the denture. Hope this helps.

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