Astigmatism from Orbital Rim Incision or Implants Themselves?

I'm out of surgery for orbital rim implants 5 months, just been told I have Astigmatism in my left eye. Last eye test was about 3 years ago, perfect no problems, but now I need glasses after a lot of eye strain. The LHS OR implant comes off the bone & up toward my eye, it's hard to tell but I believe it has pushed my lower eyelid upwards. My optician said my eyes were healthy. I'm wondering could the incision (or implant itself) my Dr. made for the rim implants have caused this astigmatism?

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Induced astigmatism

You're right and the optician is wrong. You probably have astigmatism induced by the implant distorting your globe. There are two ways to fix this. You can have the implant repositioned but that's a lot of work. Or you can get LASEK to get rid of your astigmatism if it is stable. That's much less invasive. You need an Orbscan or Pentacam toeyal 

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