Astanza vs. Medlite C6 vs. PicoSure, on a new (4 months), medium sized, neck, black tattoo? (Photos)

I have looked into different treatments and have found locations in NYC with these lasers, and am unsure about the actual difference for a black tattoo (I realize there's a difference for colored tattoos, but maybe not so much for a black one). I have gotten one consultation and it was for the Astanza - 175$ for appx 10 to 12 treatments. Is this reasonable? Could I get the treatment done faster? Thank you!
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Picosure is faster

Out practice has both the Medlite and Picosure and the Picosure is definitely faster for all ink colors except red. That being said, the price you were quoted is a good deal and the laser being used will work, just will likely take longer. 

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