Asymmetrical Nose & Mouth. Plus Scarring on Top of my Mouth? (photo)

Hello. Im Ayesha, a nineteen years old girl. I have a cleft-palate, and have undergone about 6 surgeries since I was 3 months old. I have done my nose reconstruction in March 2011, but my nose still looks weird as in they looked assymetrical, the same thing goes with my mouth and the scars is not fading. I am all aware that, my left side will be smaller than my right side but can't it be fixed? I really want to have a more symmetrical face/profile because I am too self conscious with myself. TY.

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Cleft revision

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Thank you for your question and photos!  You look beautiful and have a very nice result.  As I look at your photos, I can appreciate the asymmetries and concerns that you state.  You will likely not have perfectly symmetrical appearance from left to right, simply due to the clefting itself.  However, I do believe that  lengthening your lip, and obtaining better symmetry in your nasal reconstruction could be performed with shaping of your nasal tip and dorsum, along with revision of your nasal ala.  You may require cartilage grafts and/or bone grafts to achieve this, but it is certainly possible.  I know that you have already had multiple procedures, but surgical correction may be the best modality to attain your desires.   An evaluation by a plastic surgeon trained in cleft surgery could help you determine what could be offered and expectations of results.   Good luck!  Hope that this helps!

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