I have asymmetric upper lateral cartilages which is pulling my nose to the right. The septum is straight? (photo)

How is this fixed? After rhinoplasty I am left with a crooked nose. My left nose bone is fuller then the right. My right upper lateral cartilages are convex and left is concave which is making my nose look like it goes to the right, like it's pulling, However my septum is straight. What techniques can be used to fix this? Can it cause a pollybeak or other deformity? How long do I need to wait, I have thick skin. Is this a very difficulty procedure or some what standard.

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The septum may be the problem

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The septum internally may be straight, but the part of the septum just beneath the bridge (dorsal component) may be asymmetrical.  The upper lateral cartilages attach to the dorsal septum, much like a roof is connected to a supporting wall.  If the wall (septum) is deviated, it carries the roof with it.  It is unlikely to cause a polybeak.  I would wait at least a year and if you are displeased you can consider revision. The video link goes to a short explanation of the dorsal aspect of the septum.

Crooked nose

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Thank you for the photos but a complete examination is really needed to determine what is going on. Since you have had previous surgery there could be several factors contributing to your deviation but the good news is that it can be fixed. I would see several board certified PS'S in your area and see what they recommend. Dr. Corbin

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