Still Assymetric 1 Year After Asian Eyelid Surgery - Revision Possible?

I had asian double eyelid surgery performed a year ago. I had it done because they were naturally assymetric but they are still assymetric after the surgery. I'm thinking about have a 2nd surgery done to correct it. I'd like the inner corner of my left eye to taper in so it looks like the right eyelid. And I want the right eyelid to be a little fuller towards the outer corner so it looks like the left eyelid, maybe not as full because I feel as if the left eyelid crease is too high. Is this possible?

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Thanks for the photo.

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Interesting that you focus on the right eye.  The left eye is heavier than the right eye.  The most powerful opportunity to make the two eyes more similar is to perform ptosis surgery on the left side which will effectively shorten the left upper eyelid platform.  In a situation like this, there is not substitute for a personal consultation.

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