What will the scar be like from an under arm axillary lift?(photos)

Can I assume the scar for an under arm axillary lift will be something like this? Want to make sure to get back area a lil too.I'm so over this over the bra meas after lipo under there. Much better when skin is inflated than now. I decided to see with a mark under there how much u actually see it doing things with it exposed didn't really at all. I know I heal well. TT 9 yrs ago and scar did really well. If it goes this far back will it get enough of thst bra skin in the back too. Going to LA next week. Want it gone. How long is healing? This past surgery is ruining my summer, i look forward to it ALL winter East Coast.

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Scar for axillary lift

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Although your comments and photos suggest you need an axillary lift, it really would need a face-to-face exam to see if that is all you need and the best approach.

Your photos suggest more liposuction may be needed as well. And an exam without the bra is needed to see where the incisions should go. So see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a complete exam and discussion of all your options to see what will work best for you. 

Axillary Arm Lift Surgery

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Although your question refers to the scarring that's associated with an under arm axillary lift, your major concern appears to be the excess soft tissue of your lateral chest wall. Unfortunately, an under the arm axillary lift will have minimal impact upon this particular problem.

For this reason, it's probably appropriate to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area. This surgeon should be able to formulate a treatment plan that addresses your anatomic findings and achieves your aesthetic goals.

Arm lift brachioplasty arm reduction crescent arm lift

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This appears to be a crescent arm lift or brachioplasty.  Incision is placed in the axilla.  The benefits of this incision is that the scar is relatively hidden.  The downside of the crescent arm lift is that it does not remove as much arm skin and fat as the longer arm incision. The longer arm incision extends from the armpit to the elbow.  Another downside of the crescent arm lift is that sometimes armpit and shoulder mobility is restricted. It is essential to do shoulder exercises and physical therapy after a crescent lift.  
This incision is typical. The redness should fade over time.  I would suggest a silicone based scar cream twice a day for four months.  

J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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What will the scar be like from an under arm axillary lift?

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Hello gem202,
It's a little difficult to properly assess how much extra skin and fat you have based on these pictures. From what I can see, it doesn't look like you have a lot of extra skin and therefore arm lift surgery may not be necessary. I do see some excess fat in the armpits and upper back hanging over your bra line and believe you might be a good candidate for liposuction with some laser skin tightening (SmartLipo). This would avoid the lengthy scars of an arm lift, and has a much shorter recovery time. But it would be necessary to examine the area properly without a bra to assess the amount of excess skin and fat and therefore determine your best treatment option(s). I recommend consultation with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon for a full discussion of your options.
Sincerely, Abhay Gupta MD

Abhay Gupta, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

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