How Much Aspirate Can Legally Be Removed if Liposuction is Combined with Another Procedure (In California)?

I just read that 1 litre (1000 cc's) of aspirate can be removed in an outpatient setting liposuction is combined with another procedure in Florida, but what about the other states? Along with a breast reduction, how much aspirate can be removed in California?

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California lipo limit

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The answer is 5000 mL or 5L. Beyond that you could have enough blood loss to create problems. Large volume liposuction should be done in a hospital setting but even then, is a cosmetic procedure thst may require a blood transfusion really cosmetic?

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Amount of Aspirate Removed Safely?

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In California, unlike Florida, there is no “legal” liposuction aspiration limits. However, most well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons will tell you that the amount of liposuctioning that can be done in one setting needs to be determined based on an individualized basis, with safety being the first priority. Every patient will present with a different body type, different goals, varying  hemoglobin level (and planned blood loss), other planned ( combined) procedures...  These variables make it difficult to give you a specific  volume that would be considered “safe” in your specific case.

A good rule of thumb may be:  if in doubt, stage the procedures.

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Liposuction aspiration limits and combination with other procedures.

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A current recommendation is to not extract more than 5 liters in an outpatient setting.  Liposuction is often combined with other procedures.    The amount of liposuction and/or other surgery really depends on the health of the patient.  Please see a board certified plastic surgeon.  they should be able to answer your questions and give a good appraisal of how much can be done at one time.  Please remember to have reasonable expectations.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
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