Do I have an ill fitting crown that is causing me severe pain?

I had a crown placed . . Upper right. . .second tooth next to middle right. . Think that is an eye tooth? Anyways from the moment he put it on I said it feels too big. . .it is not flush with other teeth on either side. . Tongue side up at gum line. Now in a lot of pain. .what to do?

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Dental pain after treatment.

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anytime a dentists works on your teeth, it is possible to have dental pain.   If a patient says the tooth fills big bulky and is hitting before the other teeth. It is likely the case.   Unless you have an Inhouse lab like we do, changing a tooth out for a patient can be a hassel for your dentist but it should be done.  If your pain is to cold, and it lingers you may need a root canal before your next visit.  
I would suggest see your dentist and discuss your concerns .  

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