I Asked a Question Previously and I Got This Reply. I Was Wondering How Much Would It Cost to Do This? (photo)

And got this reply "yes, you should be able to finish Ortho TX in 16 months or so... it looks like you have a tongue thrust so that habit will have to be corrected with your TX. Also you will probably need a combination of Braces and veneers ( or any restorations) for your front 2 teeth. they seem too narrow to me and braces alone may not be able to close all the gap"

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Tooth size Arch size discrepancy

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You have a tooth-size arch size discrepancy. Your teeth are too big for your jaws.  Still, it looks like you need more development on the top due to the posterior cross bite.  You need to see a really good clinician.  I think you will need to veneer at least the front 4 teeth when you are done ( bonding is a temporary fix).  Cost to do your case correctly would be 6,500 +/- 1000 depending on the cost of living in your area plus veneers.

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