Asian Upper Bleph - What Does It Entail?

Can the surgeon lower the eyelid fold without cutting out more skin?

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The answer is simple-it depends.

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What you are asking in the title of your questions and what you are asking in the body of the question are fundamentally different.  Asian eyelid surgery generally implies creating a double fold where one did not exist before.  Clearly your situation is that you have already had an Asian eyelid surgery and your surgeon has left you with a fold that is too high.  Generally I find that many of these situations are further complicated by the fact that the eyelid platform skin is not properly anchored to the upper eyelid fold as it attaches to the anterior levator aponeurosis.  The reason for this is that generally the surgeon who places the upper eyelid crease too high also does not possess the anatomic knowledge to lay out and expose the levator aponeurosis, which is the tendon of the muscle that raised the upper eyelid.  Although this structure lies just a few layers into the eyelid in is amazing how few non-oculoplastic surgeons understand this anatomy.  By failing to expose the aponeurosis, it is impossible to properly anchor the eyelid platform skin and muscle to this tendon.  

The best case situation is when there is ptosis of the upper eyelid.  When this is the case raising the lid margin makes it appear there is more eyelid fold to cover more of the eyelid platform.  For real help seek out a specialist who understands these issues and can help you determine your best options.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Asian eyelid surgery

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Creating a different position for the upper eye lid involves sutures to adjust where very small layers of tissue connect in your eyelid. It is somewhat complex and choose a surgeon familiar with asian eyelid surgery specifically.

Jeff Scott, MD
Everett Plastic Surgeon

Asian eye lid

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One can create, lower and modify the fold in the upper lid without taking any skin. This should be determined by the surgeon at the time of surgery.

As for the details of the surgery , this is a very complex surgery

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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