Asian Do I Remove Dark Patches from my Face?

i have dark patches on my face . this is making me so very depressed .i weas thinking of using a peel ...cosmelan peel. i was told that peels are not good for asian skin.....please advise

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Cosmelan and Asian Skin

Cosmelan is a fabulous product and I have had very good success with treating Melasma and pigmentation in Asian patients.  I recommend the full line of products in conjunction with the Cosmelan peel for the best result.  Please find a board certified Dermatologist who has experience in Cosmetic for this treatment.

New York Dermatologist
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Cosmelan Treatment

Pigmentation is difficult to treat especially in Asian skin; you have to be careful because if something too aggressive is done it can cause more damage. I have found great success with the Cosmelan treatment in my office. It is very effective on Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Indian and African American skin, it is usually the first step we take before moving on to more aggressive treatments like lasers. It consists of a treatment mask that is worn on the skin for 6-12 hours, after the initial mask there is a maintenance cream that is applied to the face starting 3-5 days after the mask. This maintenance cream is used for 1 month and then my patients come in for an evaluation. If the patient is happy they continue with the maintenance cream to prolong the benefits and to improve their skin. If the patient would like additional improvements then at this point their skin is prepped to receive a laser with a lower possibility of causing more pigment. It is important to keep in mind that pigmentation can be improved and controlled with the use of maintenance creams however new pigmentation can be created depending on your lifestyle. For best protection from new pigmentation; try to stay out of the sun between 10-3, wear a hat and sunblock of SPF 50 should be worn daily.

Nissan Pilest, MD
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Asian Skin

Asian skin should be treated very carefully, it is very sensitive and great care should be taken to treat. Only after examination one can formulate a plan of skin preparation with skin care, Retin A and later add light and medium peels when necessary. The strength should be adjusted to the particulars of the skin

Samir Shureih, MD
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