Asian Skin Discoloration from Sun Exposure

i had too much sun exposure when i was younger, and as a result, my face is now red and darker than my extremely pale smooth skin on my back, buttocks, places that don't get sun exposure. Besidessunscreen, retin A, hydroquinone, is there any BIG treatment...that i can get to give me a HUGE dramatic change to the whole texture on my face?i don't care if the recovery requires that i hide out for several months as long as the end result gives me my original skin. im a very PALE asian.

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Treating Skin Discoloration from Sun Exposure

I don't think you can ever get back to where you were before the sun damage. For one thing you are older and the skin naturally changes with aging. There are many options available to lighten the skin color including Triluma, Lumyxl and Dermelanen to name a few.

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