Asian Rhinoplasty? Duration of Silicone or Gortex as Opposed to Cartilage? (photo)

I'm a 45 year old Asian female with a typical flat nose. I've noticed in recent years that the tip of my nose has gotten rounder and my nostrils has gotten bigger and wider, causing my nose to look even flatter. After some research on this procedure I'm a little reluctant due to so many complications that can occur on Asian patients. If Silicone or Gortex was used how long would it last, meaning, what is the average life expectancy if plastic is used oppose to your own cartilage?

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Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian Rhinoplasty is a very common request in my practice.  The nostril flaring especially with smiling and the nasal tip are areas that can be addressed to enhance the nose.  I do not recommend implants such as silicone or gortex, which have many associated complications and do not give a natural appearance.  I prefer to use your own cartilage for results that are natural appearaing and balanced with the rest of your face.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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Asian rhinoplasty cartilage vs. silicone, etc

Foreign material like silicone or Gortex can get infected and difficult to remove.  Cartilage and. Your own tissue lasts forever. and in 35 years I have never had had an infection.  Thus I always use the patient's own tissue!

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Asian Rhinoplasty

Hello, you will have less chance of infection or rejection by using cartilage. You will more than likely achieve the aesthetic look you desire with a silicone implant. The trade off is that there is a higher risk of infection, rejection and the implant may also shift slightly. When a patient has thick skin it is very difficult to get definintion at the tip. You can however expect a significant improvement. Ask your surgeon how many Asian rhinoplasties he has performed and ask to see before and after photos.

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All Silicone, Gortex and cartilages are considered permanent materials.

Silicone, Gortex, and cartilages all have been successfully used my many reputable plastic surgeons. Instead of using just one type of material, I like to have all materials available so the patient and I can choose the material based on what needs to be done to achieve the best and safest outcome.

All synthetic materials like Silicone and Gortex, and carilages are considered permanent materials although carilages may occasionally get absorbed somewhat.

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Asian Rhinoplasty



  Thank you for including a photograph with your question.  It makes having a realistic conversation about your goals a little more achievable. 

Cartilage, silicone and gortex all have the same longevity in that they are all considered permanent.  All three grafts are frequently used to augment the bridge of the nose.  If you ask 10 different surgeons you will get 10 different opinions on which material is the absolute best choice and why you should avoid the other two. 


I believe them all to be acceptable options that can lead to good results.  Silicone implants come presized and Gortex needs to be sculpted by the surgeon.  Both are synthetic and have the potential for infection.  That being said, hip replacements, heart valves, and hundreds of other implants are safely and reliably used throughout the body.  Cartilage has less risk of infection, needs to be expertly sculpted, and his the risk of warping over time.  Because there is no clear best option all three grafts are routinely used and your surgeon will likely have a preference for one. 

If your concerns are primarily about the tip of your nose and nostrils you might not even need a graft to augment your nasal bridge. 


Hope this helps.

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Asian Rhinoplasty

This is a very controversial topic in plastic surgery. However, in recent peer reviewed articles, silicone seems to work best for nasal augmentation in ethnic Asian patients. The trick is to find a surgeon that know how to use and insert silicone implants. If the implant is shaped and placed properly it will last a life time, not move and look natural. Cartilage can resorb and may not have the right shape for augmentation. Silicone can be shaped to fit the particular needs of any patient. In these cases, it's all about the surgeons experience. See links below.

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