Is Asian Rhinoplasty the Way to Restore the Harmony of my Facial Features? (photo)

I want my nasal bone to be straightened all the way down to the tip; and I want the apex to be curved slightly upward. The side of the nose should have no indentation. Additionally, I want the ala be the same length as the distance between my eyes. The nostril should be pointed downwards. I want a depression on the middle part of the nose and a tip that protrudes. The inward or depression arch is because of very bulbous and bulky tip of the nose. The curving is very gentle.

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Asian Rhinoplasty for Facial Harmony

Although their are similar nasal features among different ethnic groups, in 35 years I've never one 2 noses exactly the same. Experienced surgeons individualize every rhinoplasty; some characteristics of your nose are Asian, some are not. However, the changes you describe are reasonable.

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Is Asian Rhinoplasty the Way to Restore the Harmony of my Facial Features?

 I have performed Rhinoplasty, including Asian Rhinoplasty, for 25 years and sadly, the answer to your initial question of whether a Rhinoplasty would restore harmony to your facial, NO.

 You have a very keen and detailed aesthetic sense of how your nose could be refined, however the reality is that the thickness/size of the alae and the nasal tip can only be thinned and shaped so much.  IMO, the limitations will not meet the exacting standards that you have spelled out.  Rhinoplasty can refine the nose making it more sleek but it will not be perfect.

 It's very important to understand the proper aesthetics of facial beauty as spelled out in The Palmer Code.  From the photo provided, the chin is weak making the nose appear larger than it truly is.  Chin Augmentation with fillers (I prefer Perlane) or a Chin Implant would balance the entire lower face.  The cheeks area and lower face is quite full from what appears to be an excess of facial fatty tissue.  The cheeks should be more rounded and pronounced.  This can be accomplished by removal of the excess fat and or Cheek Augmentation.  These two procedures far and away are more aesthetically capable of placing the facial features in harmony, creating a naturally more attractive, youthful and feminine face.  

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Asian rhinoplasty

Hello 'sophia_2sophia2', thanks for your question and photos.  Based on your description, either you have a bit of medical background, or you have spent a lot of time researching surgical options for your nose.  It is good to be well-informed and educated about cosmetic treatments for your nose, but I would caution you about seeking perfection, especially in rhinoplasty, because it is a highly complex surgery where the final result relies on multiple factors, including genetics, underlying medical issues, and the complex interplay between underlying bone/ cartilage framework and the overlying skin and fatty soft tissue envelope.  As long as you have realistic expectations and a frank, honest discussion regarding your goals with your plastic surgeon, you should be happy with the improvements to your nose.

All that being said, I think you would be a great candidate for a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.  Interestingly, I do not think you fit the criteria for needing what is usually considered an "Asian" rhinoplasty.  This vague term reflects the common anatomic finding in many Asian cultures where patients have a wide nasal dorsum with deficient nasal projection and weak tip support due to less developed alar and septal cartilages, as well as thicker connective tissue and nasal skin.  This usually requires augmenting the nasal dorsum and tip using rib cartilage (since cartilage elsewhere is deficient).  In your case, you seem to have adequate nasal projection and tip support.  Thus, in my opinion, you would benefit more from a standard open rhinoplasty where we do not need to remove rib cartilage. Things to be done to refine your nose would be to shave down your dorsal hump to give you a nice, aesthetic supratip break contour, refine your tip using cartilage (crural) sutures and trimming of your alar cartilages, and nasal bone in-fracture to narrow your dorsum.  

I usually do not differentiate the type of rhinoplasty I do since I adapt my technique based on the unique qualities of each patient's nasal anatomy.  If you are ready to proceed with surgery, I recommend having a more thorough discussion with your local board-certified plastic surgeon who can go through the options with you and can answer all of your questions in more detail.  Best of luck! -Dr.92660

Parviz Goshtasby, MD, FACS
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Asian Rhinoplasty

You are at a good starting point in that your description of the possible desired outcome is concise. Now, it is the in-person physical examination with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon which will best determine what results are possible to achieve and what the potential pitfalls may be. Such a consultation will also allow you to better understand what you can realistically expect from the surgery. Dr. B.

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Asian Rhinoplasty

 Dear Sophia,

An evaluation and consultation with an expert rhinoplasty surgeon would be helpful in discussing your aesthetic options. Personally I use a digital imaging computer which allows me to show the consulting patient their proposed surgical results. I also have a book with before and after photographs showing the computer imaging and the actual results which allows the patient to see how close in proximity the actual and proposed results are. Your photographs do show that you would be an excellent candidate for rhinoplasty. I believe digital imaging would be important during your consultation so that you may see what the surgeons proposed results would look like and how that fits your expectations of what you are looking for aesthetically. I perform a lot of asian rhinoplasty procedures and looking at before and afters of similar noses would be helpful as well. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Subtleties of Asian rhinoplasty

I think you have a good eye for an aesthetically pleasing Asian nose.  The best way to get a good idea of what is surgically possible is to have a consultation with a board-certified surgeon experienced in Asian rhinoplasty, and have him/her perform computer morphing with your pictures.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Asian rhinoplasty.

Yes you can have the issues you have corrected and look better but NOT perfect. Surgeons who are very experienced will give you the best results.

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Asian Rhinoplasty and Options

There are a number of different options, when one is considering an Asian Rhinoplasty.  The procedure can be tailored to address each of the issues that you have mentioned, including the nasal dorsum, nasal bridge, nasal tip, and ala.  be aware that no surgeon can guarantee the exact result you are hoping to achieve.  I suggest you seek out a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who routinely performs Asian Rhinoplasty.  Best wishes.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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