Asian Rhinoplasty Pollybeak After Removal of Goretex?

I had a closed rhinoplasty with silicone in 2008, and in September 2012 an open surgery to take it out and put in goretex for bridge and ear cartilage for the tip. It was perfect but then seriously infected in December. took out the goretex in jan 2013 through closed surgery. after it was all drained up the skin at the tip broke a bit it but never scabbed. But it is a noticeable

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Infected Gore-Tex Rhinoplasty

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I must presume that all the Gore-Tex was removed and none was left behind. The poly-beak hopefully is swelling and will resolve. Steroid injection would be beneficial. From 1 of your photo, it looks like your nasal dorsum is low, but it is hard to tell


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