Asian Rhino Post-Op Width of Nose?

Hi, I am 19days Post-Op Asian Rhinoplasty. The height of my bridge swelling has gone down significantly, and the skin of my nose is not that puffy anymore (except the tip part). However, I don't see the width of my nose bridge change that much. I think its too broad. :( :( I'm afraid its not going to narrowed down. Is it because of the swelling? but how come the height goes down but the width doesn't change much. When should I see changes in the width of my nose? Please advice. Thankyou!

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Post Op Nasal Tip Swelling

For many years, I taught a course on the Asian Rhinoplasty at the ASAPS meetings.  In both the Asian and Caucasian nose, the tip, especially the width, loses its swelling very slowly.  At 19 days post op, it is much too early to determine the final outcome of the shape and width of your nasal tip. 

There is a technique for taping the tip of the nose popularized by Dr. Steven Hoefflin of Santa Monica, California.  Nasal tip taping will help speed the removal of injury fluid from the nose, and therefore decrease the width.  I would not spend too much time worrying about the width of the tip of your nose at this point.  It will definitely decrease over time.

Does augmentation of nose bridge alone change the base width of nose bridge?

If you had your nose bridge augmented with an implant without narrowing the bony dorsum, you may not see a significant change in the base width of the bridge. Augmenting the bridge may give the illusion that the bridge is narrower but it doesn't change the actual base width of the bridge. Patients with wide base width of the bony dorsum, which is very common in Asians, may require narrowing of the nose bone in addition to dorsal augmentation.

For you, it's still very early to tell the outcome and most likely your nose will continue to improve in appearance. As I mentioned before, in many cases, doing dorsal augmentation alone gives the illusion that your bridge is narrower so be a little more patient.   

Eric In Choe, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Asian Rhino Post-Op Width of Nose?

At the 19th postoperative day, it is too early to worry about the width of your nose. In a typical Asian rhinoplasty, there is dissection at the nasal dorsum. Because of the dissection, there may be some persistent swelling throughout the tissues for many months and in patients with thick skin, the swelling can last even longer. Try to be patient and give your nose time to heal.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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