Asian Revision Nose Job

June 7, I had a nose job in Korea and it's been 2 months. I know that nose job results are realized after 1 year, but I just had it to give definition at the bridge. Before I went under the procedure, I thought definition of the bridge will satisfy. But, I still don't like the tip. It's also slightly crooked, so one nostril looks bigger. And it's really round. So I want to fix the crookedness and slightly slim the tip on the sides to match the slimness of my bridge better. Help on the details...

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2 months post-op

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Two months post surgery is still very early for you to judge the results of your surgery - the minor asymmetry can be improved with a revision

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Revision of Rhinoplasty in Asian Patient

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Wait at least one year to evaluate your nose and consider any additional surgery. You are only 2 months post-op: the nose will change significantly.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Revision at 8 weeks

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Its been eight weeks your nose is still swollen calm down and let the swelling resolve. It takes 6 to 12 months in general for enough of the swelling to resolve to be able to asses your result.

Asian revision rhinoplasty (nose-job)

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Rhinoplasty does take up to a year to completely heal.   At two months post-op, your nose is still swollen, especially at the tip.  Keep in mind that patients with thick, olive or oily skin such as yourself take take longer to resolve the swelling.  The asymmetry of your nostrils is likely due to swelling, one side is probably more swollen than the other.  Have patience and allow your nose to heal before pursuing a revision.  

William Portuese, MD
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Revision of asian Rhinoplasty.

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The healing process of rhinoplasty requires a full year.  While some changes and revisions may be attempted at an earlier stage, it is generally recommended that you wait at least nine months to begin evaluating weather a revision would be required. 

For now, I would suggest that you continue to be patient as your results will change significantly, and may improve to your satisfaction. 

I  hope this helps.

Dr. Torkian - Lasky Clinic, Beverly Hills

Behrooz Torkian, MD
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