Will Laser Hair Removal on Asian Skin Results in Hyperpigmentation?

im asian would i get pigmentation? some of my cousins have had lazer hair removal and have bin left with darker patches on their cheeks im scared this will happen to me!

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Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation on Asian skin from laser hair removal

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation can occur from any laser on Asian skin. This may not be permanent but can take more than a year to improve with the use of topical lightening creams and sometimes chemical peels. It is worth doing a few tests with the laser before doing a full treatment and then waiting for more than a month to see what the pigmentation does. The 1064 nm. wavelength might be better for some Asian skin.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Asian skin should not hyperpigment after laser hair removal

Sorry to hear that some of your cousins experienced hyperpigmentation after laser hair reduction. At SkinMD, we successfully treat asian, southeast asian and african american skin, among others, without the complication of hyperpigmentation.

Be sure the provider you go to is experienced with treating skin of color and has to appropriate laser to ensure successful hair reduction without complications. It is also important that you follow instructions on caring for your skin before and after your treatment sessions.

Good Luck.

Anifat Balogun, MD
Seattle Otolaryngologist

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