Asian female needing nose job?

I want my bulbous tip to be reduced, refined and my alar base reduced to suit the tip. Also, I am looking at using my own septum or ear cartilage to slightly raise my bridge especially between the eyes. I am not looking for a super high nose, just a nice natural Asian feminine nose. Is this doable and what you suggest ?

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Asian Rhinoplasty

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Your complaints are very common for Asian patients.  I favor using the patient's own tissue (autologous) to improve the appearance of Asian noses.  Septum and ear cartilage are common places to harvest material however Asians tend not to have a lot of septal cartilage.  Depending on the amount of bridge augmentation, both ears are needed or even a rib graft.

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Asian rhinoplasty

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You can have the subtle changes you desire.  Nonetheless you likely will need a cartilage onlay graft and other techniques frequent in Asian rhinoplasties in order to maintain a normal appearance.

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Asian female needing nose job?

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   All of those things you have mentioned will be achievable.

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