Possible to Have 4th Eyelid Surgery for Correction?

I had Asian eyelid surgery in China and already had two corrective surgeries after the first operation. The last revision was to fix the scar problem and make my eye open wider. My eyes do look prettier, but after that, I cannot close my left eye properly at night. My left eye would open frequently when I sleep. I consulted another Chinese doctor, and he said this is due to excess removal of muscle in the upper corner of my left eyelid and may also be due to the scar. I'm very depressed because of this and now having dry eye problem. It's been two years since the last operation and I wonder, can I have another eyelid surgery to correct this problem?

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Yes, you can have additional surgery

You have waited more than enough time to have corrective surgery.  If you send photos of yourself to me I would be more that happy to advise you.  Send you photos with you eyes open and closed.

You may need skin grafting.  To much skin removal is the leading cause for dry and inability to close the eyelid correctly.

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How many Asian eyelid surgeries can a patient have?

The answer is yes, you can.  Enough time has passed.  To give a good answer I would at least need a photos, but here are some thoughts.

1.  Adding a soft tissue or fat graft may help but it depends on how much skin you have left.  If there is enough skin we can replace some missing tissue and essentially push the eyelid down a little. 

2.  Simply incising or cutting the scar tissue may release the lid.

3.  Multiple injections with a medication called 5-FU (5-flurouracil) over time may further relax the scar tissue.  Even though you had surgery 2 years ago scar tissue is still present.  DO NOT do this with steroids multiple times.  There are risks.

4.  A gold or platinum weight in your eyelid could also help with eye closure.

Best of luck

Dr. Chase Lay

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Eyelid closure problems after asian blepharoplasty

There are several reasons a person can have an eyelid that doesn't close after eyelid surgery but these are the big ones with their treatments:

1. The muscle to open the eyelids is tightened too much. To fix it, you have to have the muscle loosened or recessed. Commonly if this is the case the white of the eye is visible when the eyelid

2. Too much skin is removed - sometimes over time the skin relaxes so the eyelids can close. Other times, more skin needs to be put back.

3. scar tissue - this is a difficult situation which may or may not benefit from scar release but only the surgeon in the operating room can decide which is best

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Fat injections and Fat grafting can help the scar that is pulling up your eye

It is true that the more surgery that you do the more problems are presented. I understand that your eye is not closing well on the left side due to a scar. Well your scar can be softened up through Fat grafting. I would really have to see your pictures to really give a better recommendation.

Eyelid weights, in my opinion, would not be my choice at all. The eyelid weight will distort the appearance of your eyelid and also cause problems opening your eyelid in relation to your other eyelid and lead to one eye looking different than the other. The other possibility is that you might need extra skin.

Many times, when people do surgery, they take skin and sometimes too much. You could require more skin and more fat to make your eyes look better. Fat grafting can help release the scar but it is better to go to someone who does fat grafting a lot. You can send me pictures if you would like.

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Eyelid weights may help eyelid close without surgery

It may possible to do another revision surgery of your eyelid, however sometimes the use of eyelid weights will give the eyelid the exra heaviness it needs to allow the eyelid to close. There some that are permanently implanted and others that you apply with adhesive to the skin of the eyelid. I prefer the ones from MedDev corporation. Here's a link: http://www.meddev-corp.com/1%20product/Eyelid%20Closure%20Products/eyelid%20products.2.htm

You'll need to get a prescription from your doctor for the external weights.

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