Possible to Get 3rd Asian Eyelid Surgery After 2 Non-incisional Surgeries?

I am a 29 years old asian.I had non-incisional(dst?)eyelid surgery when I was 17.I recently went for a 2nd partial-incisional surgery(because some fat needed to be taken out)through a different doctor and 7 months has passed.I'm not very satisfied with the results.I can see some scarring where the incision was made.Is it still healing? Would it be possible to get eyelid surgery for a 3rd time?Or it is too risky because there may be internal scarring and damage to do any more work on my eyes?

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Asian eyelid surgery for the 3rd time

Generally I don't like to do suture based surgery more than one time. A repeat suture surgery is best performed by fully removing the prior sutures. Otherwise, you can develop issues related to interference of the eyelid muscle. It sounds like you would be better served by converting your suture surgeries to a full incision.

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Each time you do eyelid surgery, it gets more and more difficult

Each time you do eyelid surgery, it gets more and more difficult.  Although, it is possible to do a 2nd or 3rd surgery, you should probably wait for at least a year.  Often you can treat it with massage and conservative therapy.  And, it can get better over time.  I treat with injections of 5FU or a steroid.  Also, massage can be helpful.  But, you have to be careful not to do too much surgery on the eyelids.

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Yes it is possible to have a further revisional surgery.

Hi Sandy

Not only is it possible, it may be necessary for you.  The important thing is to approach finding the right surgeon very carefully.  Sometimes people go to a particular surgeon because they are Asian or they advertise in an Asian Magazine.  It is important to understand that being from a particular ethnic group does not make one great for Asian eyelid surgery.  What is important is true mastery of eyelid anatomy, anchor blepharoplasty methods, and an artists eye.   Committing yourself to consult with serveral eyelid surgeons who are skin in Asian blepharoplasty will help you make up your mind regarding which surgoen you should go with to have your eyelids further revised. 

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Asian eye lid

Wait at least one year then open double lid surgery by an experienced doctor in this field. Explain exactly what type of lid crease you want. show pictures.

Third surgery is very difficult to predict or guarantee results

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