Laser surgery for Tired Asian Eyes?

Is laser eyelid surgery appropriate for a healthy middle-aged non-Asian woman with bags under the eyes and fatty deposits around the eyelid? They create the impression of permanently looking tired.

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There is nothing advantages about using a laser as a cutting instrument.

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A better question would be: Is lower eyelid surgery appropriate for me?  This of course can only be answered with a personal consutlation with an eyelid surgeon.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a geographic directory of well qualified eyelid plastic surgoens on its website (

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 If you have fat deposits(herniated fat ) around the eye lids, then the treatment is blepheroplasty, taking some fat and reditribution of the other remaining fat. As for wrinkled skin it can be removed or smoothed with laser provided your skin type is appropriate for laser resurfacing

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Be wary of ablative (Erbium, CO2) lasers on Asian skin

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For the lower lid, excess skin can be removed with almost invisible scars just under the lash lines. Lasers to tighten skin requires burning the superficial layer to create a tightening. For patients with olive - type skin, the discoloration for lasers last many months. Permanent discoloration can also result. With so much potential downside, I don't see much benefit compared to an incision to remove the excess skin.

Fat can be removed/ rearranged by either laser or traditional means if used simply as a cutting instrument.

Regardless of the technique used (laser vs. incision), many, if not all, patients benefit from tightening the lower lid  structures in addition to removing excess skin. This procedure, the canthopexy, requires an incision in the outer aspects of the lower lid. This should be done regardless of the technque used. For these reasons, laser resurfacing the lower lid is not a frequently sought out procedure.

EDIT: I presume the question meant to say "asian" and not "non-Asian".

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