Asian Eye Lid Surgery Results?

I have always had swollen eyes in the morning. I didn't mention this to my doc when I got my Asian eye lid surgery one month ago. I didn't realize it would affect it so much but it does. The swelling is bad In the morning but goes down by the afternoon. It makes my creases really high and makes me look horrible. Will this be for the rest of my life ? Or will the crease go down in the next few months will it be better?

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One month post op after Asian Eyelid Surgery

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one month is a little early. I would consider oral steroids or injections steroids if your swelling is pronounced. But give it some time. It should not be swollen the rest of your life.

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Healing after Asian eyelid surgery

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Afternoon Hue,

it's really hard to say without a little more information. It looks like by the information you provided you are about one month out from surgery. In some cases the swelling can come and go for a number of months although this is fairly rare. I do so much Asian eyelid surgery are usually can spot this type of skin and give the patient a better idea of how long it takes them to heal completely. For the most part your crease should look high or higher than you would like for anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. After this he continues to relax quite a bit. In some patients the healing process is very rapid but in a few it can take weeks to months to really resolve. You may just have to be patient but it would be helpful if you could provide us with some photographs and additional information including anything about technique that was used.

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