Is It Possible to Have Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Only on the End of my Eyes?

Hello everyone. I had a non-incisional eyelid surgery in March of 2009. My double eyelids are stil very small and I have inner double eyelids. I was wondering if it was possible to have a revision eyelid surgery that only involved working with the ends of my eyelids. I want the tapered eye look with the double eyelid showing a lot towards the end, instead of the double eyelid disappearing when I open my eyes. Would I just have to opt for the incisional method? Thank you

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Medial Epicanthoplasty and Inner Fold Revision

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It is possible to revise the inner portion of the fold so it is higher or a parallel crease.  This is commonly requested in my practice.  My preference is for a crease that merges with the inner corner of the eye, which is seen in Asians.  A parallel crease, which is seen in Caucasians, is sometimes requested by patients, but is not my preference as it does not look as natural.

Another consideration is the presence of an epicanthal fold, a fold of skin in the inner corner of the eye.  You may need a medial epicanthoplasty to make the eyes look the way you want.  This lengthens the inner corner of the eye and makes the eyes look larger.  I do this surgery with a no-scar technique which works very well.

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Asian eyelid surgery for lateral portion of eyelids

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While it is possible to have Asian double eyelid surgery on just the lateral portion of the eyelids, the levator aponeurosis is really nonexistent laterally. There is a way to make the crease deeper in the lateral portion of the eyelids which gives a double fold. However, this is accomplished by removal of a small amount of skin at the crease line and a small strip of orbicularis oculi muscle and any orbital fat in that area. This will create a deep fold laterally.

William Portuese, MD
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Double eyelids at the ends of my eyes?

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It is difficult to see from the photo you've posted the extent of the problem. But in general, to answer your question, Yes, you can have a revisional surgery that only involved the medial or lateral canthus. As far as the non-incisional vs incisional debate, usually the incisional technique is more durable but I wouldn't go second guessing your surgery about it. Unfortunately, even in the best hand, these things can happen. I would suggest if your results bother you, to seek a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon in your area. I'm confident they can revise you to meet your needs. Good luck!

George Min, MD
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Double eye lid surgery

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 To get the tapered crease of the upper lid, you need to have the incisional approach .

As NTHAL fold, which can be repaired by a double Z plasty.


Samir Shureih, MD
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