Asian Double Eyelid Surgery 4 Days Before Asian Rhinoplasty?

Hi Doctors, would you recommend a patient getting a Double eyelid Surgery with Ptosis repair four days before Rhinoplasty? I already have a double eyelid from suture technique but Im suffering from Ptosis, could Ptosis be repaired without having to do incision double eyelid surgery? Would getting eyelid surgery first affect the nose? I'm doing each procedure from different Doctors in the same town this week.

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Probably fine

There should be no contraindication to having both surgeries within a few days of eachother, but ideally, having the surgery at the same time would be best.

There are ways to do ptosis surgery without an external incision. This is can be done by flipping the eyelid inside out and working on the back side of the eyelid. Your eyelid surgeon should be familiar with this technique.

At the Naficy Plastic Surgery center, we have an Oculoplastics surgeon [myself] and a Rhinoplasty Surgeon [Dr. Naficy], and we often do these procedures at the same time. We'd be happy to give you a second opinion.

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