Asian Chin Augmentation, What are My Options and How Long is Recovery Time? (photo)

I am an Asian male in my early 20s. I have a really weak chin which runs in my family, but my chin is particularly recessive. I would like to know what are the options for me to improve my profile and to create a stronger chin. Please also state any good cosmetic surgeons in NYC and also the approx. price of a chin augmentation (in regards to the procedure needed to be done). I would also like to know the amount of time for recovery since I am a young working professional.

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Chin augmentation options and recovery

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Chin augmentation is a simple procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia whereby a small ½ inch incision is made underneath the chin so that a chin implant can be placed across the chin line.  The size of the implant is usually selected at the time of consultation.  There is usually a price of approximately $3000 and patients usually have about one to two weeks of significant swelling around the chin area.

Implant May Be Inadequate For Chin Deficiency

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The most important issue to point out is that your chin deficiency is not routinue. The magnitude of your horizontal chin deficiency will make the use of standard off-the-shelf chin implants as lacking. No preformed chin implant can adequately correct your aesthetic chin problem. They can help but they are not the best treatment for you. You will need to consider either a chin osteotomy, possibly combined with an implant, or have a custom chin/jaw implant made specically for you.

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