Asian Blepharoplasty Skin Below Eyebrow Hangs over the Incision Line?

Hi there, I had the Asian blepharoplasty procedure and the skin below my eyebrow hangs over the scar crease even when I close my eyes or look down, because of this it appears quite evident that I had eyelid surgery. It makes my eyes appear swollen. I wanted a very natural result. is there anything I can do about this? is this normal? I just personally haven't seen other Asians with this same result. ( the fold is already too big for my taste so I do not want to go bigger in order to fix this )

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Asian Blepharoplasty Skin Below Eyebrow Hangs over the Incision Line?

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It is possible to have prolonged swelling after Asian blepharoplasty, if you have thick skin. You may consider discussing the size of the fold with your surgeon, or submit pictures with more information for this forum.

Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

It would be really great if you could repost with some photos.

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You clearly have some type of issue.  However, without the photos, it is really impossible to know precisely what your concerns are.  If you are comfortable doing so, I recommend reposting your questions with your photos.  Also, please let us know how long it has been since surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Asian eyelid surgery healing process

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it's very difficult to answer this question effectively without a little more history such as when the surgery was performed and photographs would be helpful. It really depends on how thick your skin is how much skin was removed and so forth. If you have a lot of extra skin and it's very thick it's going to hang over your incision and look a bit heavy. All that being said it may just be a little too early postoperatively to judge a result. Most likely you're going to need to wait about six months. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Could you post to some photographs?

Best of luck  Chase Lay MD

Chase Lay, MD
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