Asian Blepharoplasty for Natural Hidden Double Lids w/ Excess Skin Covering Tear Ducts

I have natural double eyelids, that are often masked by excess skin because they are low. As well as the beginning of my fold being extra skin by my nose that covers my tear ducts. I was wondering if the similar (but obviously improved) effect I have with double eyelid tape can be possible with that pesky extra skin. Also since I have natural double lids, will there have to be a new fold made? Or does the old one get re-defined. Also are my eyes too small to be widened. Thanks so much!

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Tape double eyelid can be reproduced with surgery

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Usually if your eyelids make a crease easily with tape, then a simple suture technique can often duplicate that effect without removing extra skin. The extra skin by the nose (epicanthus) is more difficult to change, and most surgeons in the US do not remove that skin. Your eyelis will look larger, and may open more after double eyelid surgery.

Asian Blepharoplasty with possible Epicanthoplasty

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You have very low natural eyelid creases (hidden eyelid crease) which can be improved significantly with taping (like you just did on photo) or surgically create a higher, more distinct upper lid crease and increase the distance between the fold and eyelash. Most of the time this requires suture anchoring to create the new fold. This can be accomplished with either suture only (no incision) or incision techniques. The determining factor depending on your preference and other anatomical issues. If you are also seeking to reduce the epicanthal fold (the extra skin that hides your tear duct), then you need to have an epicanthoplasty along with your upper blepharoplasty. Often time epicanthoplasty can leave skin can may be more visible than you would like. Make sure you discuss this issue thoroughly with your plastic surgeon. Another option to reduce the skin fold covering your medial canthus is augment the dorsum of your nose. Make sure you are comfortable with all these changes and make sure the changes are suitable for your face (which is not shown on your photos).

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