Asian Blepharoplasty+ Medial Epicanthoplasty on 19.12.12. Medial Epicanthoplasty Wound Open? Will this get infected?

had asian blepharoplasty+ medial epicanthoplasty on 19.12.12. had sutures removed 22.12.12. have noticed on the right eye where medial epicanthoplasty was performed is that the wound is still open after suture removal, though scab/ crust formed.... This is a follow-up to my first question: when attempting to gently clean eye mucus from left inner corner with moistened gauze, scab over incision site was unintentionally removed. nil bleeding. will this get infected? leave a bad scar?

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Opening after Eyelid Surgery

       If you have a very small opening, the final scar may be very good.  As the body heals, myofibroblasts cause scars to contract.  The risk of infection for this type of surgery is about 1%.  However, you should have your surgeon evaluate you.  

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Open wound near eye after canthoplasty

First, talk to your surgeon.  What you are describing does not sound particularly serious.  Scarring is variable and not predicable at this point.  Again, Talk to YOUR surgeon.

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Wound opening after epicanthoplasty

It would be much more helpful with photos but it's always a concern when incision opens up after surgery. With a properly closed incision, the skin is water is sealed after 72 hours. If your incision has opened up then you should have a follow up visit with your plastic surgeon. It's unlikely to get infected if it's properly cared, however the final scaring may be more noticeable. Make sure you have your surgeon look at the incision.

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