Asian Blepharoplasty+ Medial Epicanthoplasty on 19.12.12. Medial Epicanthoplasty Wound Open after suture removal? (photos)

had asian blepharoplasty+ medial epicanthoplasty on 19.12.12. had sutures removed 22.12.12. have noticed on the right eye where medial epicanthoplasty was performed is that the wound is still open after suture removal, though scab/ crust formed. experienced some bleeding from this area on Day 0 which resolved quickly. Questions: will this heal? chance of infection do i still need to apply antibiotic ointment over- was advised not needed. is tightness, itching over wound normal thanks

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Open wound at the medial epicantholasty site

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A small open wound at the medial epicanthoplasty incision site should heal well on its own if you keep the wound clean. It should close in a week or two. I would advise you to follow your doctor's instructions.


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Open Wound after Blepharoplasty and Medial Canthoplasty

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Thank you for putting your picture which shows that you probably had a limited medial epicanthoplasty along with upper eyelid blepharoplasty. I am surprised that your sutures were removed on 4th day following the surgery and one can still see the providine/anti-septic used prior to the operation in the area. The wound may be open but is not obvious from the picture you have provided. The area also does not look infected and less likely will get infected since face is heavily vascularized. I am sure you may still have some ophthalmic antibiotic ointment which you can continue to use once/twice daily for the next one week.

Tightness and itching in the area is normal because of the healing process.

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