Asian Blepharoplasty Asymmetry Left Eye Incision Deeper, Puckering? (photo)

My right eye is exactly how I want it to look. The left on the other hand seems to be higher and the incision line seems deeper and there's a slight puckering. My eyelashes sprout up and the asymmetry is very noticeable. It's been 1 month after surgery will the left eye drop down to match the right? I believe the swelling has gone down because my eyes are smooth and flat when I touch them. If in 6 months my eyes don't improve will the surgeon perform a revision? What if he doesn't want to do it?

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It’s very important to understand that eyelid surgery takes several months for healing and that it is appropriate that if in 6 months the eyes don’t appear to significantly improve that your surgeon will perform revision.
This type of situation can happen and it is important that you continue to communicate with your surgeon regarding your eyelid healing process. I would add that if you are planning to do any type of other intervention on your own such as the use of topical creams or other things that you mention them to your doctor.

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If your surgeon does not wish to perform a needed revision after six to twelve months, it is alright to see other surgeons who may be able to help.

Robert Shumway, MD
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I agree with Dr. Tavoussi.

You need more time to heal.  One month is not long enough.  It is clear that you will have just minor difference between the two sides.  Under these circumstances, it is critically to be completely healed before embarking on revisional surgery.  I would advocate waiting at least 6 and preferably 12 months before considering more surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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It is still too early to decide on the result. It takes 9-12 months for healing to complete. Even after this period, there is some swelling just over the lashes which may take even longer to resolve. 

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