Reconstruction after multiple infections from breast fillers (Aqualift)?

I had Aqualift injected 10years ago and was duped by a non certified plastic surgeon, was told that it was the safest method available then, was charged plastic surgeon price for it too. 5 years on I started developing breast infection with abscesses. Since then it became a nightmare, had 3 surgical IncisionsDrainage since, multiple needle aspirations-developed Insymmetry breasts due to the multiple surgery. Is there hope for reconstruction in near future?

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The Dangers of Breast Augmentation with Fillers

I am deeply sorry to read about your story. You story is unfortunately not the only one. There are unfortunately many women and men who have had a variety of procedures by non certified surgeons or even individuals who weren't even physicians. It is difficult to know what was exactly injected into your breasts. Many times, if there are other materials, such as industrial silicone, our bodies will react to these materials and push them out, thus your body reacting with infections and abscesses. It is difficult to know what can be done in your situation and any further surgery- given your history may be complicated with wound healing problems and further infections. Your history is quite unique and you would benefit from being seen by a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate you closely. Various imaging tests may also be useful in helping determine how much product is still present, the location of this product and whether there are other areas of product that need to be removed.

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