Will adhesion resulted from lipo dissolve themselves? (photo)

I have attached the photo. There r dents besides the mouth corner and the chin. I have undergone one fat graft session for the 2 areas. But fat intake is not very great. My surgeon said those dents are created by the liposuction by my previous doctor and as time goes by those dents will disappear or improved as the scar tissue will soften and adhesion will be released on their own. He also suggested me to use hand to stretch those areas to help release adhesion. Can I have ur opionion on this?

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Fat transfer for uneven contours

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some stretching and massage may help.  If you have dimpling or dense from prior liposuction filling these areas with fat can be very hit or mass.  It may look great and it may not take it all.

in general replacing fat and areas that are scarred down from prior procedures has a lower success rate then fat transfer in general.

give it time however things maybe even out very nicely and you should follow your Dr.'s directions

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