Why does my tooth hurt?

I had a cap fall off and the dentist put it back on and it's been a week now and it still hurts. It hurts so bad it wakes me up out of sleep. I can't eat or drink anything. Please tell me something I can do to stop the pain!

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Hurting tooth

Pain from this type of history is typical of one or two causes--what sometimes happens when crowns are recemented is that they are not positioned in the exact same position as before. This can cause bite issues where now the tooth hits with more force and becomes bruised and sore. This can become severe and if left to continue eventually the trauma can damage the nerve and cause nerve death and infection.Second is that the tooth was not healthy to begin with and the crown is sealing in the bacteria and the nerve is hurting from that assault.Please see your dentist and have them help you. Good Luck!

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