Do You Think my Results Will Be Messed Up?

I am 12 days post op. I continue to wear my binder and keep it fairly tight. Today, out of nowhere, my 50 pound daughter decided to jump up behind me and try to grab ahold of my shoulders. She wasn't actually hanging on for any amount of time, but of course this jolted my stomach. I didn't feel anything pull hard or hear any pops, but I'm sore tonight. Should I just wait it out another day or two and see if the pain gets worse before calling my PS? Thanks

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Sudden movements scary after tummy tuck

Because you are still more comfortable with a slightly flexed posture at 12 days after an abdominoplasty, the sudden backward pull causes pain but rarely causes any real problems.  Some anti-inflammatory meds may help but tincture of time will take care of this anyway. Give yourself time and permission to heal!

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Pain from a sudden movement after an abdominoplasty

It is unlikely that you did any permanent damage from this incident.   Any sudden movement during the early post operative period will cause some degree of pain.  As you get further along in the post operative period you will feel better and by 6 weeks you should be back to your normal activities.  If you have questions about your physical status consult with your plastic surgeon.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Did I Mess Up My Results?

Dear Sunnydays2,

It is unlikely that your daughter's actions did any real damage to your tummy tuck repair.  Most plastic surgeon's place lots of sutures to help avoid such an event.  Most likely, the trauma pulled on some of the repair areas and the sutures causing increased inflammation and increased pain.  As the inflammation decreases, so should the pain.  This usually takes about 2-3 days.

If you have any questions, please call your plastic surgeon's office and discuss your worries with them. If they feel you need to be seen, they will do so.  It is always better to call and not have a problem than have a problem andnot call.

Hope this helps.

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Repair should be okay

Thanks for your question. I'm sure that hurt! Don't worry though. It is very unlikely that anything was disrupted. I'm sure that it might set you back a few days on your recovery. Truthfully, there is nothing surgical you would do at this point. Hang in there

M. Scott Haydon, MD
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Post op Tummy Tuck

Thank you for the question. If you have any concerns you should follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Lisa M. DiFrancesco, MD
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12 day post tummy tuck pain ?

Thanks for the question. In all likely hood the jumping on you  have sprained the muscles and the pain is from already partially traumatic muscles after surgery and are in healing phase and will settle down in next few days.However you PS is the best person to examine you to tell you if all is well. This is just an opinion. You need to decide for yourself how you like to deal with it.

Post Op Tummy Tuck

I like for my patients to keep in touch with me if they have any concerns. You should just check in with your surgeon's office and let them know and give yourself some peace of mind. Good luck.

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